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Amurica 2015

  Happiness is a Warm Gun… We love us some guns. Oh yeah, we do. And we use them all the time. Last Friday, Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post reported that, for every day—204 of them—up to that point in the year 2015, there had been a mass shooting. “This year there were 18 […]

New York Times Blockbuster Report: Trump is a Jerk

In a devastating show of journalistic prowess, The New York Times, pictured above, has published an in-depth look at Donald Trump’s testimony from his many appearances in The Rich People’s Court, starring Samuel “The Bag Man” Alito. Hundreds of pages of sworn testimony by Mr. Trump over the past decade show something less flattering. Some […]

Mike Huckabee Plays His Trump Card

Mein Kampf für die Scheinwefer Mike Huckabee, pictured above, has finally found a way to get people to pay attention to his “Bring back the 50’s Sing-A-Long Campaign Tour”, the warm-up act for the GOP’s Whitening The White House Campaign Tour 2016. It seems Reverend Huckabee, sporting a new comb over and desperately seeking attention, […]

Klan Klatsch

  The Ku Klutz Klan is firing up the grillIt seems the K-krew is having a bit of a problem…there aren’t enough angry white guys to go around anymore. What with kompetition from nazis, separatist militias, and the many other choices for expressing bigotry that have akkumulated over the decades, the klan is…the klan. But […]

The Dumble Bumbles Into Presidential Primacy

Donald Trump, pictured above, has joined the fray in the Guardians of the Patriarchy Presidential Campaign–Whitening the White House Tour 2016. Waging a stream of raciousness campaign, The Dumble has recently emerged as the contender for the GOP’s top spot. And while some wonder if The Dumble is truly committed to actually running, we say […]

BJ Doesn’t Do Gay

GOP Presidential Condolence Recipient Bobby Jindal Channels Orval FaubusLouisiana Governor Bobby Jindal, pictured above, announced that he was following in the footsteps of his childhood hero Orval Faubus, the former governor of Arkansas who deployed the National Guard to prevent school desegregation in Little Rock. Like his hero, BJ is blocking his state of Louisiana […]