Amurica 2015


Happiness is a Warm Gun…

We love us some guns. Oh yeah, we do. And we use them all the time.

Last Friday, Christopher Ingraham of the Washington Post reported that, for every day—204 of them—up to that point in the year 2015, there had been a mass shooting. “This year there were 18 mass shootings in April, 39 in May, 41 in June, and 34 so far in July—and the month isn’t over yet,” he writes. “The theater shooting was Louisiana’s 8th this year. There have been 10 in Ohio, 14 in California and 16 in New York.”
– via VICE

But we don’t seem to be able to agree on how to count them all.

…Fox told me that it’s a “matter of definition,” depending on how you view the data at hand. “Take Aurora, for example,” he argued. “If James Holmes took someone’s wallet after shooting all of those people, it’d technically be classified as a robbery, and [be] excluded from our data.
– via VICE

So just stop. Enough already. Just stop counting.

And everybody go out and get a gun.

Sing with me now:

Happiness (is a warm gun)
Bang, bang, shoot, shoot
Happiness (is a warm gun, momma)
Bang, bang, shoot, shoot
– via Genius


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