Monthly Archives: August 2015

If You Can’t Stand the Heat……

Here in the pacific north by northwest, we have a little problem with some fires that are having a party on the right side of the state. Things have gotten out of hand and real tragedies have happened. But… …now there’s all these people running around on the left side of the state saying that […]

Shooting Fish in a Barrel

He’s Baaaaack George Zimmerman and Andy Hallinan (pictured above in hero pose), some of Amurica’s most favoritist serial racists, have teamed up to create The Muslim-free Confederate Flag and Gun Emporium. The commercial venture is sure to do well in its hometown of Inverness, Florida, which is just about 70 miles from Sanford where George […]

Repubs Get the DTs

The Dumble Throws a Free-Base Party The Dumble, pictured above, is on onto something. Apparently he really does represent the Republican base on many issues. But he doesn’t represent the party establishment and their owners donors. In the latest installment of The Guardians of the Patriarchy–Whitening the White House Campaign Crack Party 2016, our heroes […]

Drunk on Twitter

Can’t get enough of Studiousness? Feel like your life can’t get any worse? Go ahead and click this, I dare you. I double dare you! Oh yeah, baby, Sloshed in Seattle is on Twitter. Sort of. Occasionally. Well….

I Saw Bernie’s Hair!

The Truth About Westlake Park Revealed! I was there. I admit it. I was in the crowd when Bernie Sanders, the wishful thinkers candidate for President of the Untied United States of America, tried to speak at Westlake Park in Seattle. I say “tried to speak” because he was famously interrupted by protestors from #BlackLivesMatter […]

Mink Martyrs are on the loose!

  Domestic Terrorists Free Thousands of Minks Fighting a Jihad Against Your Right to Wear Their Dead In a terrifying news report, The Intercept, tells the harrowing story of domestic terrorists who have loosed thousands of minks belonging to the Mustelidae sect of Musteloidea, a radical group of carnivorous mammals. As everyone knows, the Musteloideals […]

Cry Havoc and Let Slip the Dogs of Debate!

The GOP Whitening the White House Campaign Tour 2016 Begins Tonight Amurica will be feted with an embarrassment of stupidiousness racism political polemics. Featuring a cast of ten, skimmed from the frothy surface of obstinance conservatism. Truly these people men have risen to the top: Businessman Donald TrumpFormer Florida Gov. Jeb BushWisconsin Gov. Scott WalkerFormer […]