Mink Martyrs are on the loose!


Domestic Terrorists Free Thousands of Minks Fighting a Jihad Against Your Right to Wear Their Dead

In a terrifying news report, The Intercept, tells the harrowing story of domestic terrorists who have loosed thousands of minks belonging to the Mustelidae sect of Musteloidea, a radical group of carnivorous mammals. As everyone knows, the Musteloideals split off from the Pinnipeds in a disagreement over proper fur markings. This schism has led to numerous hissy fits and outright teeth barring.

The two terrorists who perpetrated this heinous act are held up as an example to everyone, except Dylan Roof–who IS NOT a domestic terrorist. Killing nine African American people is no where near as bad, bad, bad as what they did:

“They released thousands of minks from farms around the country and vandalized various properties.”
– via The Intercept

Yes. I know.

No comparison at all.

Not even close.

Let’s just hope those minks have all been recaptured and that we are safe from being ferreted out.

Moyle said he was able to recapture about 90 percent of the mink. Most of those remaining were hit by cars, he said: The farm-raised mink were used to receiving their food from a machine and apparently ran up to the highway when they heard engines.
– via KTVB

Thank god.


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