Repubs Get the DTs

The Dumble Throws a Free-Base Party

The Dumble, pictured above, is on onto something. Apparently he really does represent the Republican base on many issues. But he doesn’t represent the party establishment and their owners donors.

In the latest installment of The Guardians of the Patriarchy–Whitening the White House Campaign Crack Party 2016, our heroes are battling amongst themselves for relevancy supremacy. All except for the “Make America Great Again Soon Too” tour host, Donald “The Dumble” Trump.

Yep, he seems to be channeling all the angst, fear and years of abuse by the party elites into a neat package. This package–which can be yours for the low, low price of the presidency–is flying off store shelves in all the best Walmarts and Sam’s Clubs.

And the Republicans can’t “just say no.”

Apparently this means that The Dumble might be able to keep up the joke his campaign for quite a while longer.

Once again I am left in awe of the Republican Party and the universe’s mischievous interpretation of entropy.

Look it up.


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