Shooting Fish in a Barrel

He’s Baaaaack

George Zimmerman and Andy Hallinan (pictured above in hero pose), some of Amurica’s most favoritist serial racists, have teamed up to create The Muslim-free Confederate Flag and Gun Emporium.

The commercial venture is sure to do well in its hometown of Inverness, Florida, which is just about 70 miles from Sanford where George Zimmerman earned his national reputation for being an example to America’s police forces standing his ground. Since then Mr. Zimmerman has successfully pursued several ventures including getting arrested, getting shot at and painting.

The Council on American-Islamic Relations… filed a lawsuit against Hallinan [for declaring his business a Muslim-free zone]

Zimmerman had initially set out to paint an American flag, but after hearing about that lawsuit, he “decided to scrap the original American Flag painting and repaint it with a Confederate (Battle) Flag,”
– via The Huffington Post

Now that’s Patriotism!

In an event that may prove quantum entanglement theories:

A member of a self-proclaimed Oklahoma patriot group was shot Tuesday morning in an apparent accident at an Oktaha survivalist store and gun range that last week made national headlines for posting a sign saying the establishment is “Muslim-free.”
– via Tulsa World

Thank god someone is keeping America’s guns safe from Muslims.

Chad Neal, who owns the store with his fiance, Nicole Mayhorn, previously told the Tulsa World that the sign went up in response to the July shootings at two military installations in Chattanooga, Tennessee, which left six people dead including the shooter, who was of Middle Eastern descent.

Neal called Islam a “cult” and said he would not have “jihadis” in his store learning marksmanship in order to attack armed services facilities in Muskogee.
– via Tulsa World

I’m sure that the founding fathers actually meant for the Second Amendment to read:

A well regulated militia being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms shall not be infringed. Unless they’re Muslim. Or anyone else that doesn’t look quite white right.


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