Monthly Archives: September 2015

Aren’t You Forgetting Something….

GOP Debate Photo Oops After last Wednesday’s GOP Whitening the White House Campaign debate, the RNC rounded up their persons of interest for a group photo op. The result, pictured above, is notable…for whose missing: Mike Huckabee and Bobby Jindal. Apparently not even the RNC can keep track of all the idiots they have running […]

It’s Simple Math

1 clock + 1 MUSLIM = ½ BOMB!Yep. It really is that simple. You add one clock plus a 14-year old MUSLIM school kid, pictured above, and you get ONE HALF OF A BOMB!!! [The] Center for Security Policy vice president Jim Hanson argued on his organization’s podcast that the clock “looks exactly like a number […]

Lions & Coliseums….oh my!

White christian majority persecuted again A white christian woman, pictured above, was persecuted two weeks ago by the forces of minority tyranny. While making up only 71% of the American populace, christians account for a measly 92% of the US congress! This stunning lack of representation has started to result in serious discrimination cases like […]

Hurry, there isn’t much time….

Xfinity, that comcastic company, has not fixed our internet. Been out for 4 days. We’re hunkered down in smart phone territory dodging data limits and crappy connections to post this. I hope you appreciate our sacrifice. If you love us, send bytes. We are desperate. Crap, incoming! Another text notice about my data limit. Gotta […]