It’s Simple Math

1 clock + 1 MUSLIM = ½ BOMB!

Yep. It really is that simple. You add one clock plus a 14-year old MUSLIM school kid, pictured above, and you get ONE HALF OF A BOMB!!!

[The] Center for Security Policy vice president Jim Hanson argued on his organization’s podcast that the clock “looks exactly like a number of IED triggers that were produced by the Iranians and used to kill U.S. troops in the war in Iraq.” He said the clock “was half a bomb.”
– via The Intercept

The 14-year old MUSLIM, Ahmed Mohamed, maintains that he was only building a clock to show off to his teachers.

Yeah, right.

Sure kid.

Let’s leave this to the experts:

Frank Gaffney, the center’s founder and president, agreed with Hanson, while suggesting that there is reason to be suspicious of “what we’re told was a clock” because “the story is not being fully explored and explained.”

…Gaffney, who was an acting assistant secretary of defense for several months in the Reagan administration, has spread a variety of Islamophobic conspiracy theories in recent years, claiming that President Obama is a secret Muslim, that Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan supports Islamic law, and that the redesign of the Missile Defense Agency’s logo revealed a “worrying pattern of official U.S. submission to Islam.” Gaffney has also fueled protests of Islamic mosques and religious organizations, playing a key role in mobilizing protests against a planned Muslim community center in Manhattan in 2010.
– via The Intercept

This guy worked for the GIPPER! For several months!

I think that settles it nicely.

Oh, and this isn’t the only MUSLIM conspiracy that has been uncovered in Irving, Texas. Why just this Spring Irving Mayor Beth Van Duyne led a successful fight against the imposition of SHARIA LAW!

The intense national spotlight on Islam has shifted to Irving, where Mayor Beth Van Duyne has accused mosque leaders of creating separate laws for Muslims and the City Council voted Thursday to endorse a state bill that Muslims say targets their faith.

The dispute has made Van Duyne a hero among a fringe movement that believes Muslims — a tiny fraction of the U.S. population — are plotting to take over American culture and courts.
– via

So Irving, Texas is the new front in the fight to save Amurica.

Thank you Texas. As any school teacher knows, you have been helping to shape our school circulars for many, many years. And now you have provided a valuable lesson in math:

1 anything + (x) MUSLIMS =😱😱😱!


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