Monthly Archives: October 2015

A Necessary Evil?

The Ferguson Affect It seems that there are a growing number of law enforcement folks talking about the “Ferguson Effect” and claiming that it is causing crime to rise, soar and beat its bat shaped wings over our cowering cities. <yes that was a shameless halloween reference: BOO> On Friday, FBI Director James Comey professed […]

The Bengay Hearings

The Burning Issue of Our Time I lost my glasses. And Apple doesn’t make an iEye yet so there’s no “Find Your iEye” app and I’m having to blog this with less than perfect insight. And it’s morning out here in Leftland–still too early for even me to start drinking so…. What’s all this mess […]

Paul Ryan Has A Condition…

And its getting worse.Paul Ryan, pictured above, has issued his terms for accepting the Speaker of the House position. In addition to having the Geezer’s Of Persnicketiness GOP rename the Republican Party the Randican Party, the erstwhile elocutionist wants: Total obeisance Compliance with Ryan’s Rules Everyone to hold hands and sing “Cumbaya“ And a pony The […]

Sorry for the long drought

I was forced to remain semi-sober for the last couple of weeks due to my real life requiring my attention. I can assure you that I’m once again sloshed, drinking in Seattle and completely refocused on my virtual life. BTW, what is the URL for virtual virtue? I keep forgetting. Cheers.

Voting Rites

It’s time to man-up Amurica!As we enter the most stupidious of seasons–when politicians are allowed to roam free and spew forth their frothy mix of ignorance and arrogance–it seems that some are complaining about voting rights. Yet again. Since 2008, states across the country have passed measures to make it harder for Americans—particularly black people, […]