Monthly Archives: December 2015

Tonight 2015 Gets It

We’ve all had it with you 2015… Enough with your endless reviews, year-end sales and best of lists. I got one word for you 2015: Trump. Yep, that’s all anyone is going to remember about you. Congratulations, 2015, you must be so proud. So bye now. Oh and next year, 2016–the year the 2000’s get […]

A Visit From D. Trump

‘Twas the month before the Primaries and all through the land,Our nation was transfixed by the ravings of an old man.The cinder blocks were stacked by the borders with careKnowing the Donald would soon need them thereTo keep out all the drug mules, rapists and takers,To keep the land safe for good white bankers and […]

Bigot Bingo Home Version

A Fun-Filled Game for You and Your GOP family, Rated R for Republican (not appropriate for liberals)   Announcing Stupidiousness’ first play-at-home game: Bigot Bingo!   Here’s how to get ready to play along during the next Republican Debate: First download and print out this PDF file of the Bigot Bingo boards Then fire up […]

Annie Git Yer Gun

Happiness is a Warm Gun, Part Doo Yes Amurica, it has happened again. And it wasn’t even the only mass shooting that day. So let’s fire up the talking points machine and get ready to defend your little metal friends: On Thursday morning, aspiring politician Carly Fiorina appeared on Morning Joe to share some Republican […]

Deja Vu All Over Again

Everything old is new again Not only would [Trump] prevent these 10,000 people, largely old people and women with children, from entering the country, but he would also require Muslims to register in a national database. “They have to be,” he said, adding for eloquent emphasis: “They have to be.” He hasn’t got the foggiest […]