Bigot Bingo Home Version

A Fun-Filled Game for You and Your GOP family, Rated R for Republican

(not appropriate for liberals)


Announcing Stupidiousness’ first play-at-home game:

Bigot Bingo!


Here’s how to get ready to play along during the next Republican Debate:

  • First download and print out this PDF file of the Bigot Bingo boards
  • Then fire up your TV machine on December 15th and tune your channel thingy to CNN (the Cowardly News Network)
  • Watch both debates (yes, the kiddies table one too)
  • That’s it! Let the fun commence!

Now that you’re all ready, here’s how to play:

  • Each column has a candidate’s picture above it
  • When that candidate utters any of the winning code phrases listed below, write the corresponding letter in their box
  • Keep playing until someone spells it out! It’s that easy!

Here are the letters and the code phrases you need to hear to play them. Note that there are two versions of Bigot Bingo: Establishment and Extreme. Choose which version you want to play and use the corresponding code phrases:

Establishment Version:

  • B = “Black people” or “african americans”
  • I = “Immigrant(s)”
  • N = “No new taxes”
  • G = “Guns are not the problem”
  • O = “Our country”

Extreme Version:

  • B = “Black lives matter is a threat to …”
  • I = “Islamic jihadis bent on our destruction”
  • G = “Gay agenda”
  • O = “hOly war”
  • T = “Take back our country!” or “Takers”

Extra points if your word uses only boxes on the extreme right of the board.

Please note that key phrases uttered by candidates not pictured on the board do not count.

For anything. At all.


Drinking alcoholic beverages is strongly encouraged.

Please no wagering.



  1. Indigo Spider · · Reply

    As a side game, you could run bets on how quickly bingo will be hit. Of course, bingo will probably be hit within the first five minutes of the debate.


    1. I suspect Trump will hit all the marks in his first sentence.


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