A Visit From D. Trump

‘Twas the month before the Primaries and all through the land,
Our nation was transfixed by the ravings of an old man.
The cinder blocks were stacked by the borders with care
Knowing the Donald would soon need them there
To keep out all the drug mules, rapists and takers,
To keep the land safe for good white bankers and bakers.
So fire up the TV and turn on the news,
Good background noise for a nice snooze….

When out in the cities there rose such a clatter
Some unwelcome people were shouting: “Black lives matter!”
So we all grabbed our guns and pulled closed our doors,
“They won’t get my freedom!” everyone swore.
In terror we turned to a voice loud and clear
“I will make America great again, never you fear!”
D. Trump called to all whites to rise up and vote
So we could send all of “those people” home on a boat.

On Bushmaster, on Remington, on Smith and Wesson,
We’ll keep reloading til the liberals learn their lesson:
While mass shootings and murders may plague the land
You’ll take the guns from our cold dead hands.
We will defend all our privileges, status and freedoms,
We won’t let those others get anywhere near them.
So call 911 and send in the cops
The Donald will make sure that all of this stops.

And to those muslims and the others who look like them:
Don’t come to us expecting asylum.
We’re closed for the holidays…we’re under repair.
There is no place for any of your kind here.
But out in the harbor an old statue stands tall
Beckoning the hungry, the tired and all
Who come seeking freedom, fortune and fame–
Her once proud head now hung low in shame.

Ho, ho, ho….


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