Monthly Archives: January 2016


Trump Takes His Hair Elsewhere Thursday night’s the night for fighting, Thursday night is alright… Oh Donnie. Did the big bad Megyn Kelly scare you? I admit a 5-foot, 6-inch tall, blonde moderator, nee Faux News commentator, is something that could scare a 6-foot, 2-inch developer of gold plated phalluses. Why it might even make him… […]

Used News

All the News that Fits… Dear reader, this has been a week with such abundance of coverable snews that your humble correspondent simply couldn’t choose, so… I’m announcing the first very semi-[insert term denoting length of time] Used News: Bush Operatives Secretly Pushing Trump to Hurt Rubio Ok, this one is destined to be an […]

A Whiter Shade of Fail

I don’t get it. What’s all the fuss about? I mean is there something here I am suposed to care about?   Oh god, not these guys again! I am so sick of Black Lives Meddle! Where are the cops? Hey, they’re not headed to the mall are they? I don’t have the bandwidth to deal […]

The Spirits Say…

  Here are my prevarications predictions for 2016: The spirits say Thomas Friedman, pictured above; William Kristol; and a whole host of pundits on snews shows will make terrifying predictions that bear no resemblance to any reality experienced by anyone. Anywhere. Ever. And then they will do it again. And again. And…. The spirits say that in the […]

So Be It Resolved…

Like alcohol through our digestive system, so are the days of our lives In the year of two thousand and sixteen: I resolve to not kill anyone. I’ve never killed anyone–or even tried to– so I have a pretty good track record on this. Unlike some… I resolve to control my guns. They will be kept […]