The Spirits Say…



Here are my prevarications predictions for 2016:

  1. The spirits say Thomas Friedman, pictured above; William Kristol; and a whole host of pundits on snews shows will make terrifying predictions that bear no resemblance to any reality experienced by anyone. Anywhere. Ever. And then they will do it again. And again. And….
  2. The spirits say that in the near future the NRA and all the K Street lobbying groups are going to tell citizens to stop harassing their Congress to actually do something. And by “their”, they mean the Congress the NRA and lobbyists have bought and paid for. It’s their’s fair and square. When you get a few billion dollars then you can have your own Congress too. Until then, #STFU.
  3. The spirits say that soon–no very soon, maybe even today–Donald Trump will compare Bill Clinton to Bill Cosby. And then he will find it odd that both mens’ real names are William. And their last names begin with “C”! That can’t be a coincidence. Not in Trumpland.

You knew there had to be a Trump joke.

It is de rigueur for 2016, baby.

So the spirits say….


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