Trump Takes His Hair Elsewhere

Thursday night’s the night for fighting, Thursday night is alright…

Oh Donnie.

Did the big bad Megyn Kelly scare you?

I admit a 5-foot, 6-inch tall, blonde moderator, nee Faux News commentator, is something that could scare a 6-foot, 2-inch developer of gold plated phalluses.

Why it might even make him…


away to a fund raiser for questionable charities that all seem to funnel their money through Trump’s own foundation.

There, there Donnie. Don’t you worry now.

We checked under the bed.

There are no Megyn’s hiding under there.

There are no Mexicans hiding under there.

There are no Muslims hiding under there.

The only “M” in here is megalomaniac.

Sleep tight, Donnie.

Would you like me to leave the light on?




  1. Whoa, the eyebrows freak me out. Now I need a mental detox to unsee gold plated phalluses.


    1. A good stuff drink works nicely too. No puns intended 😀


  2. Was there a comma after “stuff”? Otherwise, I’ve never tried that brand of vodka.


    1. Apparently autocorrect does NOT like the word “stiff”. It’s either that or I’ve had too many. Both are equally plausible.


  3. […] “I have the absolute right to…” throw a tantrum […]


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