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Top of the World News

News From the White Side of the Planet White People Win! In a grueling multi-hour event, white people won the 88th Academy Awards. Despite there being fierce caucasian competition, white people walked away with all the Oscars this year. In a moment of nostalgia, Chris Rock said: “This is the 88th Academy Awards. So this […]

From the Gut…

So 79 year-old Antonin Scalia, a member of the Supremes, has died in Texas. Apparently he had a bad heart–you would never have guessed from his decisions–and it finally gave out. But some people have stated that it can’t be a coincidence when Kenyan Obama the Marxist, Muslim International Elitist (KOMMIE for short) has usurped the […]

Say Hello to My Leetle Friend

Jeb! Got A Gun! Just after Valentine’s Day Jeb! got some love…from a gun. Hey, it’s a start. But I would like to point out that the gun’s tattoo reads: “Gov. Jeb Bush.” It seems “Pres. Jeb Bush” was too far for even a gun to go.  

You Never Forget Your First

Rocked by the Granite state   Oh yeah baby, right there…. That’s right… Ooo yes! Yes! YES! I’m Winning!!! I’m Winning!!!   Donald Gets His Grove Back… We are going to make our country so strong. We are going to start winning again. We don’t win anymore as a country. We don’t win on trade. […]

Quick Hits

Trump’s Hair Quits After Iowa Debacle, Takes Job in Retail   Marco Rubio Salutes Ted Cruz’s Win in Iowa   Caucasian Caucus Campaign Causualities