The Elephant in the Room


Raging Bull…

Primaries, Delegates and Riots…Oh my!

So the Guardians Of Privilege (GOP) are having a party and they really don’t want to invite Donald Trump. It seems he’s just not their kind of person. He’s just a little “too”, if you know what they mean….

Too racist.

Too crass.

Too violent.

And that’s just too many “too’s”.

So they are huddling on private islands, and other places where the voters can’t get to them, and devising the ways they can keep the Trumphant from raging through their convention.

The insiders have poured over the rules of the Republican Party (well, heck, they WROTE those rules in the first place) and they have found a way to lie, cheat and steal Trump out of enough delegates to force a second ballot.


Donald Trump, pictured above, has bellowed his response:

The billionaire Republican frontrunner said that if he was leading the race by hundreds of delegates – but 100 short of a clear majority – and was denied the nomination, “you’d have riots”.

…“I don’t think you can say that we don’t get it automatically. I think you’d have riots. I think you’d have riots. I’m representing many, many millions of people”

via The Independent

I would like to remind everyone involved that the GOP has a gun problem, meaning that everyone attending the convention is most likely going to be packing.

Including The Donald.

Just so you know.

Hey networks, maybe you send the war correspondents.

I’m thinking body armor may de rigueur.


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