White Out

Last night Rachel Maddow, MSNBC’s answer to Glenn Beck, did a segment in which she talked about U.S. Senators and who they support for president and then this happened:

So, yeah, honest mistake. Peter King, a homo racistus from New York, and Angus King, a slightly more evolved homo politicus mendacium, are sooo totally alike.

I mean, really!

Can you see a difference?

Pair of Kings

I can’t either.

And this points out a big problem facing the nation: white out, a condition that prevents sufferers from being able to tell caucasian people apart.

According to recently fabricated evidence, nearly all non-white people suffer from white out, and at least some white people also have the condition!

To see if I have this affliction, I created a double-vision test and the results were almost sobering.

Look at the following pairings of photos of white people and see if you can tell them apart.


Clinton Clones?

Bush Whacked

Tedmada the Cruzader

What Me Worry?


So, how’d you do?

I know the similarities are spooky.



One comment

  1. Judson, Judith · · Reply

    LMFAO! One of your best yet! White-out…..


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