Gun Rights

Gun Rights

Nice Grouping

Guns don’t kill people. People kill people.

Seems pretty straight forward doesn’t it? A gun lying around, just minding its own business, never kills anyone. Right?

But add a people, well, then you got trouble.

Yep. No brainer.

So banning guns isn’t going to do anything, is it? I mean, guns aren’t the problem are they?

Nope. It’s you.

And maybe me too.

So maybe Herr Trump is onto something. He wants to ban Muslims. And Mexican judges.

But that’s not going to get it done.

We gotta ban people.

American people.

Sorry folks, but you gotta go. You are the problem.

And actually banning Americans would solve a lot of our problems:

  • No worries about the solvency of Social Security or Medicare/Medicaid. Hey no people, no need for funding safety net programs
  • No terrorist fears, I mean, if there are no Americans left in America, what are they going to do? Shoot up an empty night club? Bomb a vacant building? Please.
  • No more taxes. I mean no people = no politicians, right? I think politicians are people too. Might wanna check that though.
  • And best of all, no Americans means no more Kardashians.

Now who can argue with that?



  1. What a lovely thought, no more Kardashians!


    1. exactement mon ami


  2. Judson, Judith · · Reply

    This is excellent once again! No more Kardashians? PROMISE?


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