Monthly Archives: September 2016

Politics Gone Wild!

  America’s Got Talent… Oh boy, I think I’ve finally recovered enough from Monday night’s political pornography, and the ensuing twit-storm that has deluged the “cyber”, as Donald Trump, aka Chuck Asstronaut would say. Hillary Clinton, aka Kitty Sinn, had her way with Chuck, demonstrating her professional mastery of the medium. While Trump, like most […]

New Meh

America is having fun with math. Oh those fractious fractions. Seems like everyone wants to make everything add up. But whole numbers are protesting. And decimals, well let’s just forget about them. They’re too partial by nature and they never vote anyway. Then there’s the odd ones and even twos. It’s all so binary. Red. […]

How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Seems like only several weeks ago that my wife said it would be easier to move–yes dear readers we moved across town–if I were safely and snugly packed up. Being a liberally inebriated man I acquiesced. Yesterday I was unpacked. She said she forgot about me. But the litter box needed cleaning. And the laundry […]