How I Spent My Summer Vacation

Pack Man

Pack Man

Seems like only several weeks ago that my wife said it would be easier to move–yes dear readers we moved across town–if I were safely and snugly packed up. Being a liberally inebriated man I acquiesced.

Yesterday I was unpacked.

She said she forgot about me.

But the litter box needed cleaning. And the laundry was piling up. And she was bored with take-out meals, so….

I’m baaack.

Now what did I miss?

Let’s see….

There’s been 92 mass shootings.

Hillary’s emails are still a thing.

Trump is a Moscovian candidate.

Trump wants to do extremely extreme vetting.

The Clinton Foundation is the root of all evil.

Trump is softening.

Trump is hardening.

Trump is softening again.

Trump is very, very hard.

Anthony Weiner sexted.

Hey, sweetie!

Don’t recycle that box just yet.

And do we still have any bubble wrap?


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  1. Any room in that box? I’ll bring my own bubble wrap.

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