Politics Gone Wild!


America’s Got Talent…

Oh boy, I think I’ve finally recovered enough from Monday night’s political pornography, and the ensuing twit-storm that has deluged the “cyber”, as Donald Trump, aka Chuck Asstronaut would say.

Hillary Clinton, aka Kitty Sinn, had her way with Chuck, demonstrating her professional mastery of the medium. While Trump, like most amateurs, climaxed too early and never really recovered.

But the tape kept rolling.

Straight through to the bitter end, which saw “Kitty” tempting “Chuck” with talk of another woman. And just like that, gentle readers, Chuckie was thrust into a mysogny-a-trois.


Wow! Angel? Devil? Sex Tape!?!

Talk about teasers…..

I know you are all eagerly anticipating “Master Debaters Vol.2” which comes out next Sunday (trigger alert).

But until then, you can get your vice on with the hot male-on-male action of Tuesday night’s poli-porn show when “Ricky Tittles” measures himself against “Buster Pimplebutt”.

Oh yeah, baby, it’s on.

Ed. note: No Porn Star Name Generators were harmed during the making of this blog


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