Drink the Vote

Well dear readers, the apocalypse is almost upon us.

Tomorrow we vote for the lesser of two evils.

Well, ok, there are four evils and one overly hopeful guy who actually believes he can persuade congress to declare him president and create a constitutional crisis.

Yeah. He’s on better drugs than you are.

Anyway, unless you rode to school on the little bus, you should have made up your mind by now.

So get drunk and vote.

Evil goes down better with alcohol.

Lots and lots of alcohol.

And then you can watch the election results on your network of choice and play the…

2016 Stupidiouness Election from Hell drinking game

Here’s how to play:

Every time a state gets called for Trump, take two drinks.

Every time a state gets called for Clinton, take two drinks.

Polls start closing on the wrong east coast by 6:00 pm EST.

I guarantee you will be neither sober nor awake by the time one loser is declared winner.

And then we all go on a four-year bender.



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