Monthly Archives: December 2016

Trump’s Dreaming of a Nuclear Christmas

Trump’s dreaming of a nuclear Christmas Let’s make the whole planet glow Forget global warming we’ll have air raid warnings And lots of radioactive snow. Trump’s dreaming of a nuclear Christmas With every tweet that he writes The fascist future looks bright Since America embraced the alt-right Trump’s dreaming of a nuclear Christmas Let the […]

What Do You Get The Puppet Who Has Everything?

Wondering what you get the puppet who has everything? How about an Aleppo? “What’s an Aleppo?” you ask. Oh Gary, still? All the worst dictators are getting Aleppos this year. Why it’s all the rage. Complete with burned out buildings, slaughtered civilians and more refugees than you know what to do with. Just kidding, we all know […]

400 Million Jihadis in the U.S.! We’re teh Doomed!!!

According to high sources, 400 million jihadis have now infiltrated America by following cleverly placed Arabic signs throughout the U.S. Thanks Obama. Anyway, this means that Trump voters are now a distinct minority and that forced penetration of shariah law is imminent.  These same high sources urge Trump voters to exercise their second amendment rights […]

Facts Schmacks

Dear Readers, I am writing to let you know that Stupidiouness is undergoing some major changes. No longer will we worry about facts, truth or reality. No dear readers, we have seen the brilliance of our soon-to-be Cheeto-in-Chief. Truth, facts and reality are so last century. Ours is a new era spewing forth opinion and fantasy. […]