Facts Schmacks

Dear Readers,

I am writing to let you know that Stupidiouness is undergoing some major changes. No longer will we worry about facts, truth or reality. No dear readers, we have seen the brilliance of our soon-to-be Cheeto-in-Chief.

Truth, facts and reality are so last century. Ours is a new era spewing forth opinion and fantasy. We are free from the straightjackets that held us in place while we were force-fed our meds. We are loosed from the confines of science and can now fearlessly proclaim the magical creations of our fever-dreams.

To this end we have hired a fauxtographer, copy-wrongers (no more copy-writers for us) and trolls (please, no feeding). And as you can see, we also have a whole new look.

But we have not changed our commitment to you, dear reader. We make the same promises that we have made so many times before….

And we mean it this time.

Truthfully we do.

We’ve changed.

Because dear reader, we are fact-free at last.

Thank Trump almighty.

We are fact-free at last.




One comment

  1. I like the new look. Very official looking for the new fact-free era.


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