What Do You Get The Puppet Who Has Everything?


Fauxto by Mendacity Jones

Wondering what you get the puppet who has everything?

How about an Aleppo?

“What’s an Aleppo?” you ask. Oh Gary, still?

All the worst dictators are getting Aleppos this year. Why it’s all the rage. Complete with burned out buildings, slaughtered civilians and more refugees than you know what to do with.

Just kidding, we all know what to do with refugees. Ha ha ha.

And if you want to make your Aleppo extra special, there are upsells that let you choose among Burkha Bans, Burkini Bans or go for the full upgrade and get the All Out Muslim Ban.

Aleppo is proudly manufactured in Syria. Not appropriate for spoiled children under 50. Some pieces may be choking hazards.


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