Monthly Archives: February 2017

Ok, America, Enough…..

America, do you need an intervention? This Cheeto thing is getting out of hand. You ate the whole bag and found a surprise president inside. And now he’s throwing tantrums in public. I know that you’re depressed. And I get the drinking, I really do, in fact I’m drinking right now. But there’s only so […]

Doni ♥ Puti

Hello again my friends…it is me Vlad Imputin, who is NOT the wonderous shirtless specimen of delicious white meat pictured foreground above. Nyet! I am here to relay the sweetness of our puppet your president to you on this glorious Valentine’s Day. Da. He is very sweet on his most maleness, Vladimir Putin–may all his […]

And Now a Word from Our Sponsor…

  In honor of his unpresidented puppetry presidency, Cheetoz announces our inaugural bag of Crazy Tweetin’ Cheetoz–Extra Cranky featuring his orangeness himself…Donald Trump! We’ve packed every tweetin cheeto with one third more faux cheese than regular Cheetoz. And we’ve added some of the Cheeto-in-Chief’s favorite cranky tweetin words like: SAD, FAKE NEWS and the ever popular […]

Reality TV: Trump & Bannon Prank Call World Leaders

Donald Trump, Puppet of the Russian United States (POTUS), and Steve Bannon, American Strategist Supreme for the Holy Oligarch Leninist Empire (ASSHOLE), shown above, have been prank calling world leaders in a hillarious preview of their reality TV sitcom to be titled POTUS & ASSHOLE Screw the World. According to insiders Australia’s Malcolm Turnbull drew the […]