And Now a Word from Our Sponsor…



In honor of his unpresidented puppetry presidency, Cheetoz announces our inaugural bag of Crazy Tweetin’ Cheetoz–Extra Cranky featuring his orangeness himself…Donald Trump!

We’ve packed every tweetin cheeto with one third more faux cheese than regular Cheetoz. And we’ve added some of the Cheeto-in-Chief’s favorite cranky tweetin words like: SAD, FAKE NEWS and the ever popular LOSER.

Don’t be fooled by fake cheetoz folks, demand Cheetoz brand cheetoz, the only ones financially connected to endorsed by the Big Cheat Cheese Himself!

Now available at Trump properties near you.

Cheetoz Brand faux cheese snacks are part of fauxtrionally unbalanced diet. Not sold in Nordstroms.

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