Doni ♥ Puti


Hello again my friends…it is me Vlad Imputin, who is NOT the wonderous shirtless specimen of delicious white meat pictured foreground above.


I am here to relay the sweetness of our puppet your president to you on this glorious Valentine’s Day.

Da. He is very sweet on his most maleness, Vladimir Putin–may all his enemies suffer election defeats.

So he write a poem that touched our hearts and we show to you to prove he is most good leader…

My Dearest Puti,

How do I love thee? Let me count the ways
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
Indeed I love thee more than Mike
I shed no tear for his forced leaving
But apart from you I am greiving
So let me tempt you with secret insights
And promises of humid Mar-a-Lago nights
I love thee truly, though some scorn my praise
And I simmer with a passion to be of use
I will let no one’s fear stop our fate
So away with caution, let’s set our love loose
And death to all of those who hate
For I shall not falter to sing your praise
Til I am impeached in about 30 days.

Yours Truly,


I am overwhelmed with emotion, dear friends.

Happy VD to everybody!


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