Dear World

world.jpgWorld, hey we need to talk….

You know that things here in the old US of A are not, well, shall we say “normal”.

In fact, things are very different now and you may need to adjust your thinking. We are going through what we all hope is a phase–a very, very short phase. And we need your indulgence for a year or so, until we get back to being our imperalisitic impressive selves.

World, can I be frank? You know totally honest?


We have a special needs president.

And he needs “handling.”

There. I said it.

Out loud.

On the internet.

Phew. I feel better. How about you?

So, don’t freak out if he does something entirely inappropriate. Like invading Chicago.

It’s ok. We know and we’re working on it. Full disclosure it may take fours years but the over /under is this year…..

Yours Truly.

(aka the sane majority)


One comment

  1. […] reader, after a weekend in which we learned that our special needs president threw a tizzy and North Korea’s equally stable Kim Jung Un threw some missiles (bringing us […]


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