A Transcriplation of President Trump’s Holocaust Speech…

Transriplation of Trumps Holocaust Speech.jpg

“Hello Jews!

It’s Holocaust Day today. Did you know that?

Yeah? Really?

So this is kinda sad. And we remember all the jews today who passed away in the holocaust.

It was bad. Really, really bad.

In fact, it was almost as bad as what’s going on in Chicago. Have you seen that? I mean it’s totally bad.


And Sweden! SWEDEN!

Thank god that Marine Le Pen is going to win the French elections next month. If not then who knows! Maybe again….

And North Korea! Such a bad situation there. But I don’t think there are any jews in North Korea, are there?

And you know jews are ok by me. My daughter, Ivanka—the one I’d love to [unintelligible], she married a jew. Did you know that?


And he’s a really good guy! I mean





So I put him in charge of jewy stuff like running the government and straightening out the middle east. You know only a jew could do that, am I right?

Am I right?

Earlier, Steve Bannon told me that today is not all sad. After all some of you survived! And we should celebrate that. That’s good, am I right?

Hey without you there’d be no bagels!

And matzah balls!


I like bagels.

And so I wanted to show you something I did this morning before coming here…I did it to show that I take your issues seriously…..

You see I took one of my Make America Great Again hats and I cut off the bill and look!

It’s a yamakazi!

Oh…a yam-a-kah.


You know the lying press will make something outta that….

And you can do this at home folks. It’s a great way to show your love of country and remember the holocaust.

Two great things.

So never again!

And U-S-A!

Thank you and have a great Holocaust Day!”


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