Yes dear readers, I have recycled that photo from over a year ago.

Why have I done this? Because I have realized that it explains everything we need to know about the Comb Over in Chief.

Think about it…

a spoiled two-year-old brat : Donald Trump is the same as “but I want it!” : “I have the absolute right to share with Russia”

I knew those stupid word relationship test questions would come in handy someday.

Now it is all clear.

  • Putin : Daddy
  • Democrats : Broccoli
  • Military : Toys
  • Press : Poopy Diapers
  • Sean Spicer : Teething Ring
  • Steve Bannon : Creepy Uncle
  • Ivanka Trump : Hot Babysitter

It’s obvious now isn’t it?

Just look at everything as a spoiled two-year-old brat would and you can understand Our Little Trumpikins.

Trumpcare didn’t pass? “Not my fault! Those meany democrats won’t share!”

Muslim ban overturned? “Stupid courts, I hate you!”

Russian diplomats come to call? “Is Daddy coming? Does he still love me? If I tell you a secret will you bring him next time?”

Now that that’s clear, let’s all hope that no one schedules a play date with North Korea’s Lil’ Un. The resulting tantrum could earn us all a permanent time out.



  1. Okay, ruined my computer screen. Laughed so hard I sprayed it with coffee over “Democrats: Broccoli”!

    I’m almost (not really) feeling sorry for poor Spicer. He’s gotta need major physical therapy every night to untie those knots he ties himself into trying to explain shit!


    1. Sorry for Spicey? Hmmm, I’m going to have to think about that. Um, no.


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