A Whiter Shade of Fail Part Deux


Our Hair Piece in Chief has tried his best. Really he has.

He’s tried bait and switch.

He’s tried insults.

He’s tried bringing the world to the brink of nuclear war.

And now he’s affirmed that he is a racist.

And still no one has impeached him.

What’s a guy gottta do to get out of the worst job he’s ever had?

I mean really?

Does he have to shoot someone in the middle of 5th Avenue?

Burn a cross on the White House lawn?

Do we really want to let it go that far?

C’mon GOP. He’s practically begging you to impeach him already.

He wants it.

America wants it.

Do the right thing.



  1. Nothing will be done about Trump unless he tanks the economy and hits Wall Street where it hurts. Only then will the paymasters finally demand something be done. Until then, meh, they give a shit that the plebes are killing each other in the streets. Even war with NK (nukes involved or not) simply means bigger bonuses for the warmonger CEOs. It’s all good until it hits their bottom line.

    Really, if you make it to Canada, go now before the rush, avoid the refugee camps.


    1. Indigo, i still have faith that a man who is this incompetent, this malevolent and this reckless can force even republicans to get rid of him. Or at the very least to completely destroy the GOP, whichever comes first. I cool either way.

      And if you’re right, I’ve got some ideas for succession, hey what could go wrong?


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